Waterproofing and invisible insulation - The Invisible Way of Insulating Your Home in the Forest of Dean

Exclusively available from Safeguard Chemicals, STORMDRY waterproof cream will prevent damp penetration for over 20 years and also provide a unique, low-cost method of improving the insulation qualities of buildings without changing their appearance.
The treatment can be best explained by using the following analogy: Imagine you have been caught in a heavy rain shower with no umbrella. Your clothes are soaked through and very quickly you begin to feel cold. When you get home, your first instinct will be to remove your wet clothes, as you know that they are making you colder.
The reason behind this is that wet materials conduct (or transfer) heat more readily than dry materials. In the case of typical building materials, a completely saturated brick will transfer approximately twice as much heat as an identical dry brick.
By keeping a building’s walls drier, it is therefore possible to significantly reduce the heat that is lost through them. STORMDRY waterproof cream has been developed over the last three years to achieve this by creating a high-performance hydrophobic zone in treated properties.
Houses in solid walls in the Forest of Dean lose around45% of their heat through wall. These properties are often referred to as ‘hard to treat’ when it comes trying to insulate them as the options are restricted to expensive external cladding fitting insulated plasterboard internally which will reduce room dimensions.
FOREST DAMPBUSTERS external waterproofing treatment with STORMDRY prevents heat loss and is much cheaper and less disruptive than having solid wall insulation fitted.
Applied externally as a single coat of cream it will last for 20 years and STORMDRY will penetrate deeply into wall and reduce the amount of moisture they can absorb. A dry wall conducts much less heat than a wet or damp wall and therefore more heat is retained within a property as less heat is being transferred through walls.
Independent tests have showed that in damp weather a house treated with STORMDRY used between five and ten percent less energy than an untreated house. Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) tests for heat loss showed that when driving rain was present the energy saving in a treated house increased to 29%.
A house treated with STORMDRY waterproofing cream will have lower carbon dioxide emissions and the heat saved will result in a higher grade Energy Performance Certificate.

A unique cream formulation of silanes and siloxanes, a single coat of the product is applied externally to masonry using a brush or roller . When applied, the cream is white so that it is easy to see if any areas have been missed. Within 48 hours the product will have penetrated deeply into the walls leaving no visible sign of application on the surface; this means no discolouration, no sheen and no residue.

The advanced formulation of the STORMDRY cream means that the pores of the masonry are lined with the material so that whilst the absorption of moisture is restricted, as the pores themselves are not blocked the property can still ‘breathe’ and vapours can pass freely through the walls.
The product has been developed primarily as a solution for solid-walled buildings, otherwise known as ‘hard to treat buildings’, as the alternatives are limited and often undesirable. External cladding systems are expensive and dramatically change the appearance of the building, whilst internal lining systems can take up valuable internal space and require alterations to other fixtures (e.g. door and window frames, kitchen units etc) to accommodate them. STORMDRY cream can also be used on the external leaf of cavity wall constructions as an extra layer of insulation.


STORMDRY is a water-repellent cream for the protection of masonry. It dries to an invisible coating on brickwork which:

  • Improves the thermal efficiency of your home by keeping it dry.
  • Offers energy savings of up to 30% – sometimes more on really porous brickwork
  • Reduces heat loss and energy bills
  • Maintains the thermal properties of cavity wall insulation
  • Gives an insulating solution for solid wall properties that cannot receive cavity wall insulation
  • Provides a self-cleaning surface
  • Reduces maintenance due to water damage and algal growth
  • Protects against penetrating damp

All water-proofing treatments are backed by a 20 year insured guarantees which are issued in association with Construction Guarantee Services who provide insured guarantees for approved contractors in the damp-proofing and timber treatment industry which are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and are accepted by Banks and Building Societies for mortgage purposes.
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