Listed below are the full range of services provided by FOREST DAMPBUSTERS.

Damp-proofing (rising damp)

Older properties in the Forest of Dean are often built of stone and did not have a damp-proof course installed at the time of construction and this can lead to rising damp internally.

We can install a range of damp-proof courses such as siliconate aqueous or injection cream d.p.c’s or apply chemical free treatments such as electro-osmosis systems, physical damp-proof courses or excavate French Drains.
All damp-proofing works come with a 20 year guarantee which can be insured through the Guarantee Protection Insurance ( GPI)

Woodworm, Wet Rot and Dry Rot Treatment

Woodworm, Wet Rot and Dry Rot Treatment
Many older properties in the Forest of Dean are affected by woodworm, wet rot or dry rot. But don’t worry too much as these are not often as serious as some companies lead you to believe and these problems can be solved fairly easily without tearing your house down.

For common sense advice on how to treat woodworm, wet rot or dry rot then please call us on 01594 837300.

All woodworm, wet rot and dry rot treatments carried out by Forest Dampbusters comes with a 20 year guarantee which can be insured through the Guarantee Protection Insurance ( GPI)


Condensation occurs more often nowadays as houses are often fitted with double-glazing, insulation which prevents moist air from escaping. Fireplaces are also not used as before and these had the effect of drawing moisture up the flue and venting it outside. The result of condensation is usually mould on walls and water running down windows etc. It can easily be alleviated by the installation of special vents or fans. In some cases we have to re-plaster walls with dual purpose plasters which treat dampness and reduce condensation at the same time.

The winter months are our busiest time for condensation so if you have any concerns regarding condensation dampness then please call us on 01594 837300 for advice and information and to arrange a free inspection of your property.

Specialist Surveys for Mortgages, Equity Release

Building Society surveys often refer to dampness and timber decay in order to avoid professional negligence claims and we can provide specialist damp and timbers surveys which will satisfy your lender and usually save you thousands of pounds by avoiding unnecessary work. For details ring 07736 631527 or e-mail

Waterproof plastering and tanking

Many Forest properties are built in hilly areas and often some of the walls are earth retaining which means that these are subject to lateral damp penetration. Forest Dampbusters have over 25 years experience of dealing with this type of problem and we can install physical damp-proof membranes internally, excavate high ground levels and fit drainage membranes externally and also renew plaster internally with specialist waterproof renders such as Sika.

Property Renovation & Maintenance

The correct maintenance and repair of buildings is essential and can spending money on routine jobs such as cleaning gutters, drains and cleaning roofs etc can often save thousands by preventing damp ingress internally which can cause damage to plaster and timbers butting onto damp walls.
Call us on 01594 837300 for all Property Renovation and Maintenance jobs.