Damp and Timber Surveys in the Forest of Dean

Building Societies have tightened up on their criteria for lending during the recession/credit crunch and even though you may think that you have jumped through all the hoops and obstacles they put in your way and are just about to get your mortgage they will invariably say, just at the last minute-before exchange of contracts, that there is some dampness and timber decay related problems and that a specialist damp and timber survey is required before the mortgage will be granted.
Often your Estate Agent may have an arrangement with a damp-proofing and timber treatment company to provide a ‘free survey’ and ask them to undertake an inspection and provide a quote. But don’t be taken in by these free surveys as there are simply a way for many firms to provide you with quote for work that is not really necessary and will often cost thousands of pounds when there is often a much simpler and cheaper option. 
Much of this damp-proofing work is unnecessary as rising dampness is often assumed to be the problem when it may in fact be condensation or penetrating damp, due to raised ground levels etc., and these two problems can usually be remedied at a fraction of the cost of remedial works. Similarly woodworm and fungal infestations are usually confined to damp timbers and can be controlled by the removal of the dampness and often the infestation or decay will die out naturally without the need for any preservative treatments.
FOREST DAMPBUSTERS have been helping house-buyers in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley for over 25 years by offering and alternative to these ‘free surveys’ by carrying out independent survey undertaken to find the real extent of any suspected dampness and timber defects. Often there is no dampness or timber decay affecting a house and the Building Surveyors employed by Mortgage Companies etc often err on the side of caution to prevent any future claims regarding professional negligence. We can inspect a property and provided an unbiased, impartial written report which will satisfy your lender with regard to any perceived dampness or timber decay problem. 
Our fees for surveying a property and providing a report range from £150.00 to £300.00 depending on the size of the house and the scope of the survey. In over 90% of properties surveyed resulted in no damp-proofing or timber treatment work being required therefore substantial savings compared to the average cost of damp-proofing and woodworm treatment to a house, which can easily exceed £4,000.
Usually the work involved to rectify any dampness or timber decay problems are fairly straightforward and may just involve reducing external ground levels and installing extra air bricks and can be carried out by a competent general builder without resorting to any specialist contractors but we can also carry out the works and deduct the survey fee will be deducted from the final invoice.
Even after carrying out surveys and findings some of our customers still ask us to provide some form of damp-proofing and we can therefore install the following systems:- Injected damp-proof course, electro-osmotic systems , physical damp-proof courses, French Drains.
If any damp-proofing or timber treatments are required then this work will be covered by long term guarantees issued through the Guarantee Protection Trust. These are the only insured guarantees which are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
Building Societies and other lending institutions accept all our reports and findings as a certificate of integrity of the house with regard to dampness and timber defects as a suitable alternative to previously obligatory guarantees.
Forest Dampbusters work with all leading Estate Agents, Surveyors and Architects in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley and we are happy to undertake surveys for any damp and timber decay related problem that you may think that the house you are buying is suffering from. We undertake most of our surveys all over the Forest and Wye Valley including all major towns such as Coleford, Cinderford, Lydney , Newent , Chepstow and Monmouth but we are able to carry out surveys further afield and welcome enquiries from Gloucester, Hereford, Ledbury, Abergavenny, Newport and all surrounding areas.