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Damp-proofing and timber treatment in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley

Damp-proofing is often required in older properties in the Forest of Dean as they may have been built without a physical damp-proof course (such as in stone built cottages etc) or the existing damp-proof course has failed.
Forest Dampbusters use a variety of different methods to combat rising damp but the most popular with our clients in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley is to pressure inject a chemical damp-proofing solution into brickwork or masonry. This damp-proofing fluid is intended to cure across the thickness of the wall and form a barrier and restrict the upward passage of moisture. However stone built properties in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley are sometimes not suitable for this form of chemical damp-proofing as the damp-proofing fluid can often run away within the rubble infill and often the only thing that is preventing dampness internally is the waterproof render that is applied to all damp walls. Forest Dampbusters therefore offer two different methods which have proven to be very successful in preventing rising damp in stone built properties.
FREEZTEQ is a frozen damp-proof course which involves inserting frozen pellets of damp-proofing fluid into pre-drilled holes and on thawing the damp-proofing fluid gently diffuses into the masonry ensuring that the whole cross-section of wall is saturated with the damp-proofing fluid which reverses the capillary effect of the masonry and forms an effective damp-proof barrier which will prevent rising dampness from the ground. This system comes with a 20 year guarantee against the occurrence of rising damp.
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