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Damp-proofing and timber treatment in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley

Solid Wall Insulation 
A lot of the housing stock in the Forest of Dean & Wye Valley is constructed with solid walls (either stone or brick) and therefore it is not possible to install any cavity wall insulation and therefore it was very difficult to save heat loss through walls. With gas and electric prices seemingly immune to deflation in the recession, Forest Dampbusters have found that many of our customers are concerned about constantly rising energy prices and many now insulate their houses. After having insulated lofts, installed double glazing etc many were at loss at what to do with walls. Forest Dampbusters can now offer a solution to heat loss through walls with an award winning thermal insulating plaster which as well as reducing heat loss also prevents damp and condensation on internal walls.
Forest Dampbusters Insulating Plaster has unique insulating properties, which reduces the amount of heat lost through walls. It is one of the most effective ways to insulate your home/building today and is suitable for both interior and exterior use.
Forest Dampbusters Insulating Plaster will help save a considerable amount of money on those ever increasing energy bills by preventing that costly heat escaping from your home or building. Forest Dampbusters Insulating Plaster is up to 70% more energy-efficient than any ordinary plaster or render and reduces carbon emissions making it one of the most environmentally building products in use today.
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