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Forest Dampbusters – Specialist Consultants & Contractors in the diagnosis and control of Rising Damp, Woodworm & Dry Rot.

Damp-proofing and timber treatment in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley
All damp-proofing and timber treatment works undertaken by FOREST DAMPBUSTERS receive an insured guarantee. This is a guarantee for the property and if the house is sold then the benefit of the guarantee is automatically transferred to the new owner.
The National Association of Estate Agents and The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors advise that when looking for a preservation company you should make sure it is a member of the Property Care Association (formerly British Wood Preserving and Damp Proofing Association BWPDA).As far as we are aware FOREST DAMPBUSTERS are the only damp-proofing and timber treatment firm in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley who are members of the property care association and BWPDA.
As members of the Property Association / BWPDA, we are able to offer Guarantee Protection Insurance (G.P.I.) and Construction Guarantee Services guarantees. The G.P.I. and Construction Guarantee Services are authorised insurance agencies regulated by the F.S.A. and offer the only real insured guarantee to cover any dampness of timber decay.
The G.P.I. and Construction Guarantee Services guarantee provides cover if a problem develops with the remedial work undertaken and the company responsible is no longer trading. The G.P.I. or Construction Guarantee Services will allow another fully qualified contractor to remedy the work without further charge.
Further details in respect of Guarantee Protection Insurance can be found at and details of Construction Guarantee Services can be seen at
Quite simply by having one of these guarantees then should we go out of business and a fault with dampness or timber decay develops then you are still covered by the insurance offered by CGI/CGS. These are the only worthwhile insured guarantees available and most of the others are hardly worth the paper that they are printed on.
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